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Essential Oil Cervical Vertebra Warm Compress Sticker

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What is the Warm Moxa Patch made of?

The patch is made up of 3 layers. The first layer contains iron oxide which works as the heat activation component. The second layer contains herbs such as mugwort, ginger and Saffron. The last layer is non-woven fabric made of skin-friendly cotton which is soft to touch, providing maximum comfort. 

There is an elastic and thin stretch of tape with Velcro at the end for you to secure it properly around your neck.

How does the moxa patch work?

Once the patch is taken out of the sealed bag and placed onto your body, the air makes contact with the iron which then oxidises and creates a gentle constant heat and then triggers the herbal combination to emit its therapeutic effect. 

The generated heat can last up to at least 4 hours. This makes it ideal to use the patch throughout the night during sleep to aid recuperation and rejuvenation, as well as using it during the day to provide pain relief. 

What is the TCM theory as to why Moxa Patches help?

There is a simple saying in TCM: Where there is blockage of Qi and blood, there is pain. 

The process of moxibustion and using a moxa patch generates heat and supply Yang energy which improves Qi, Blood circulation to the area. This then helps reduce pain while promoting healing to the area.