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Ying-Xiang Essential Oil

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When to use our Ying-Xiang essential oil? 

When you are

1. having a stuffy nose

2. not breathing smoothly

3. down with carsickness

4. feel nauseous 

Apply a few drops essential oil to :

1. Ying-Xiang acupoints on both sides of your face and take a deep breath. 

2. He-Gu acupoints and rub.

When you are tired at work or in class, working overtime orpreparing for the exam.

Apply a few drops of the essential oil to: 

1. Yingxiang acupoints and temples on both sides and breathe deeply. 

2. Dazhui acupoint and massage in circular motions for 1-2 minutes.

When going out for a date, it can even be applied on the wristsor behind the ears as a fragrant scent!