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Earth 5 Series of Artemsia argyi Pie

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With the 5 elements theory of Traditional Chinese medicine in mind, we came up with 5 types of Artemsia Argyi pie (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) tailored to your specific needs.

The Earth series is mainly used for spleen and stomach health conditioning. Suitable for people with the following conditions: Qi deficiency constipation, rhinitis, dizziness, obesity, diarrhea, stomach pain, gastritis, digestive complains etc.

1. High concentration of moxa

Every 30-45 kg of moxa is used to produce 1kg of Artemisia argyi pie. The Artemisia argyi pie has a purification ratio of up to 30:1 (household Artemisia argyi pie) and 45:1 (professional Artemisia argyi pie). 

2. Multiple processes and fine work

After several months of natural-air drying, moxa is hand-picked, repeatedly screened, mashed, purified, and processed to produce one piece of high-quality gold Artemisia argyi pie.

3. lnspected by professional institutions, which makes it safe and secure

Artemisia argyi pie is sent to the national authoritative quality inspection institution. Through professional testing, the components are proven to be safe and you can be rest assured to use it.

4. 100% Natural and Trusted.

Each and every Artemisia argyi pie contains only pure moxa and herbal extracts. Contains no additives or harmful fillers.