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Heated Bo Jin Machine

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Aging, an inexorable journey, is also the rhythm of nature.
What we can do is to slow down its pace as much as possible.

Facial Gua Sha is based on the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine and holistic meridian studies.
By unblocking facial meridians and stimulating the reflex points of internal organs on the face.It activates the flow of vital energy and blood, disperses stasis, breaks down accumulations, and aids in metabolizing toxins and waste within the blood vessels.
As a result, it restores the skin's natural complexion.



What can I get from the workshop?

-Achieve beauty from the inside out.

 In this class, you will:

1. Learn the complete steps of facial Bo Jin.Acquire techniques to lift, slim, sculpt and tone the face.

2. Receive professional hands on coaching & training, which guarantees immediate visible results.

3. 1 on 1 interactive session to answer all your questions about health and natural beauty.

4. Enjoy your exquisite high tea dessert carefully prepared with TCM beauty ingredients like peach gum & red dates.

Where is the location of the workshop?

Location: 190 Middle Road #11-02 Fortune Centre





Customer Reviews

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no hard sell

I like that the gruop is kept small with a really good teacher to student ratio and that there is no hard
seling after• 我觉得一切都做得很漂亮,筹办这活动的人也想得很周到。很满意

Easy to understand

The coursing is very productive and easy to understand. Looking foward for more courses, thank you

chance to meet like-minded people

I'm most appreciative for the workshop and the chance to meet like-minded people. thank you muchly!!!

laya 0495
Well planned

Everything was very well planned. I'm really glad these sessions are available for customers to learn how to use the products they bought and to benefit fully from them... thank you❣

A plus workshop

A plus if there’s a workshop like this for the different tools and devices, especially those that requires some skill set or techniques.